Swamp Buggy Tour

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Private Tour
3.5 Hour Combination Buggy & Walking Tour
4-Hour Private Tour

Ride a Swamp Buggy in Big Cypress

Explore the difference between a park and a preserve by taking a swamp buggy tour. Take a ride on our sweet five-person vintage swamp buggy custom-built especially for the Big Cypress National Preserve. It has been completely refurbished to give you the quietest, smoothest and most comfortable ride possible without taking away from its aging charm.

This is the perfect high seat adventure through the landmass of what is known by many as the North American Amazon! Just choose from a private or semi-private ride!

Smooth is a little overstated as we ride deep into the Glade’s pinelands, hardwoods, and wetlands, and the quiet part is true to form in enabling us to sneak up on wild animals. Swamp Mud XXX is Everglades’ nostalgia at its best.

No need to think about doing this tour, just do it! This is a checkmark off your bucket list for sure. We dare you to get dirty!